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I completed a BA Hons degree in textile design at Camberwell school of Art London

After that I worked in the textile fashion industry as a designer/colourist.

Children and family life then took over and I decided I had had enough of the ‘rag’ trade and decided to work with my very clever husband to form a business designing, selling and fitting bespoke fitted furniture, mostly kitchens.


So for many years I found myself in an office sitting in front of a computer screen.

I was frustrated because this did nothing to fulfill my creative needs. So I started a bit of painting and drawing when I could and  ‘messing about’ with the scanned or photographed image on the computer.  However with the constraints of running a successful business there was not much time I could dedicate to my experiments and Surrey where we lived did not provide me with any inspiration!


In 2016 we both decided we had had enough of our business and suburbia and decided to change our lives and move to Ilfracombe. We found a house and for next year we did a ‘grand design’ on it and completely changed it from its former state, with the help of our lovely family.


So at last I found myself, not only with the time, but also the motivation, as Ilfracombe and its surroundings is a constant source of inspiration. My experiments continued as I used the computer as a digital printmaking tool.


My current work is made my creating textures and marks with pen or brush and Indian ink. This is then scanned and the digital image is then ‘cut out’ and put together as a digital collage, adding colour as I go along. It has taken much experimentation to get this far. It is a constant learning process and there is still much more to discover. Who knows where it will take me next!